Greece is one of the most well-liked travel destinations in the world because of its picturesque islands, long history, diverse and rich culinary tradition, breathtaking treks, historic monasteries, and boisterous nightlife.

Most individuals do not, however, consider it to be a cheap one. When most people think of Greece, they imagine the white and blue houses perched on the cliffs of Santorini, boutique hotels, elegant meals, wild nightlife, and island-hopping cruises.

These are all indicators that the vacation won’t be inexpensive.

Greece is, nevertheless, an inexpensive travel destination. It’s perhaps one of the least expensive nations in the Eurozone.

What is the cost to go to Greece? One of the most sought-after holiday locales in Europe is Greece. For the country’s stunning cities, islands, and weather, travelers swarm there in droves. Depending on how you allocate your money, visiting Greece may be a reasonable option. The cost of visiting Greece you should budget according to preference, regardless of whether you’re a family, couple, lone traveler, or backpacker.

Greece trip cost

Is visiting the Greek Islands one of your life’s goals? I had always known that visiting the Greek Islands was expensive, but I had no idea just how much a trip to Greece might be until I started looking into our trip to Greece cost.

We spent 10 days in Greece for our special event trip, so we have a good idea of how much you should save aside for your trip to the Greek Islands (hint: it varies on which island you visit!)

The Greek Islands have never been a cheap vacation spot, but these days, if you want to travel in style for a special occasion (like our trip to celebrate our 20th anniversary! ), it can get very pricey. Thus, take sure to calculate your own Greece vacation cost before you commit and book a trip.

The cost of a Greece vacation is typical $1,274 for a single traveler, $2,288 for a couple, and $4,290 for a family of four. Hotels on the Greek Islands cost $50 to $226 per night on average, whereas most rentals cost for a trip to Greece $130 to $380 per night for the whole house.


Greece trip cost

Choosing your destinations and determining how much time you want to spend at each place are the first steps in organizing your trip to the Greek Islands. Are studying the Ancient Greeks and visiting archaeological sites your main interests? Or do you want to spend most of your Greek vacation lounging by the beach?

It also matters which islands you select. Mykonos and Santorini are well-known for their high prices. Couples love Santorini, and partygoers love Mykonos.

The cost and family friendliness of less popular islands like Naxos is significantly lower, albeit some may not have as much infrastructure developed for tourists. Some islands, like Crete, are so big that you need a week or more to visit just one.

This Greece travel cost is based on the following presumptions to calculate how much it cost to go to Greece:

  • 2-adults price
  • Summertime is the best time to travel.
  • 12-night trip
  • A Greek holiday package might normally include stops in Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, and Crete. These well-known locations were picked for this itinerary.


Greece trip cost

Remember that Greece experiences a Mediterranean climate, which means that summers are hot and dry and that winters may turn chilly and rainy. The best months to visit Greece are from May to September. During this period, you’ll find a stable environment with no rain, which makes it a wonderful time to enjoy beaches and treks at dusk.

The beaches are less crowded in May, and the beautiful weather makes it a great alternative for people who wish to avoid crowds. But, keep in mind that from June to August, during Greece’s summer—the country’s busiest and most colorful season—there may be minimal rain and temperatures as high as 40°. Remember that this is high season, which means that prices will be higher and that there will be lots of people.

Therefore, if you want to go to Greeve in the winter, the best time to go is from December to February. Although it is difficult for snow to fall in the nation, it is conceivable that you will find numerous attractions at excellent prices because it is the low season.

The Cost Of Flights To Greece

Greece trip cost

Airfare is the initial and frequently one of the largest travel expenses. Seeing that there aren’t many direct flights, this can consume a sizable portion of your travel money when visiting Greece. A connecting flight is frequently part of your trip. How much should you plan to spend on travel expenses? The vacation in Greece cost of your flight will vary depending on the airline you choose, whether you fly business or economy, where you’re coming from, and the region of Greece you’re visiting. We’ll examine the pricing of main airlines for a few of Greece’s most popular holiday destinations to provide a broad picture.

For instance, Germany and France are home to the bulk of tourists who visit Greece. The United States, the United Kingdom, and Russia are among the nations from where lots of tourists visit Greece.

Cost Of Flights From Eu Countries To Greece

To give you an idea of what to anticipate to pay, the cost of travel to Greece round-trip economy flights from several EU nations is listed below. Although Lufthansa is one of the most well-known airlines in the EU, the costs shown below are for that airline in 2023:

  • German (from Berlin to Athens): €166–193 ($173–210)
  • France (Paris to Athens): €167–248 ($173–$277)
  • Italy (from Rome to Athens): €151 to $175
  • Spain (Barcelona to Athens): €154–230 ($160–$250)
  • Turkey (Istanbul to Athens): €197–€285 ($160–$310) 
Cost Of Flights From The Us To Greece

American Airlines (A.A.), Emirates, Delta, and United Airlines are some of the most popular airlines that fly from the United States to Greece. They all offer flights from various U.S. locations. Nonetheless, A.A. offers the most, with up to 14 weekly flights between the United States and Athens. Depending on the state or airport you depart from when flying to Greece from the United States, the cost of your ticket will change. These are some examples of typical prices from various regions of the United States:

  • New York to Athens: $500 to $1200 (€460 to €1100) 
  • San Diego to Athens: $880 to $1500 (€810 to €1380)
  • Los Angeles to Athens: $600 to $1100 (€550 to €1010)
  • Washington, DC to Athens: $575 to $1200 (€530 to €1100) 
  • Las Vegas to Athens: $1100–1400 (€1010–€1290).
  • Austin to Athens: $1010 to $1290 ($1100 to $1400)
  • Denver to Athens: $1300–$1600 (€1200 – €1470).
Cost Of Flights From The Us To Greece

There are countless airline alternatives available when flying from the United Kingdom to Greece. Aegean Airlines, British Airways, and Ryanair are among the top choices. They all provide regular flights from Manchester and London to Athens. Flights from the United Kingdom to Greece don’t cost a lot as they do in much of Europe. The following table shows the typical cost for British Airways flights to Greece:

  • London to Athens: €135–€305 (£112–£255)
  • Manchester to Athens: £215 to £420 (€260 to €505)

Total airfare cost for 2 adults: £135 from London

The Cost Of Meals In Greece

Greece trip cost

When making travel plans, a key concern is how expensive food and drink are in Greece. More positive news At most places in Greece, food and drink are reasonably priced.

Even though there are upscale places that are pricey, you can eat and drink well in Greece for a relatively low cost. Greek cuisine is delicious and nutritious, and some of the cheapest alternatives (like gyros and kebabs) are surprisingly full. Greek wine is also wonderful and reasonably priced (around $5 for a bottle!). With daily food in Greece on the cheap of $15 to $40 per person, you wouldn’t feel deprived.

Below are some examples of Greece’s typical meal and beverage costs.

Greece’s typical low-cost restaurant lunch costs $8 per person. A typical 3-course dinner for two at a mid-range restaurant cost around €30-35.

A typical restaurant’s main course costs between €8 (US$8.50) and €13 (US$13.80). Desserts cost between €3.50 (US$3.70) and €5 (US$5.30). The cost of a restaurant dinner for two is €40 (US$4230). (without wine).

  • Gyro sandwiches, for example, cost roughly $3–4 when ordered to go.
  • Greek salads cost about $6–8, restaurant entrees cost about $9–13, and seafood dinners cost about $20.
  • An espresso costs approximately $2.40 in a restaurant, a soft drink is about $1.80, bottled water is about $1 to $2, a glass of wine is from $3 to $5, and imported beer is about $4.20.
  • Nonetheless, cocktails are more pricey, costing between $12 and $15.

As previously indicated, mainland Greece has more affordable costs than the country’s islands. Crete is thought to be the least expensive Greek island in terms of food and drink.

When visiting Greece, buying food at regional markets and packing a picnic is an affordable dining alternative. Pricing differences between local stores and restaurants are significant; for instance, bottled water costs approximately 40 cents, a mid-range bottle of wine is under $10, and a kilogram of local cheese is about $8. You can make a delicious lunch or light dinner with that, some bread, fruit, and dessert. Practically anywhere has a romantic ambiance with a stunning view.

We spent around $700 on food cost

The Cost Of Accommodation In Greece

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Greece undoubtedly has several expensive, ultra-exclusive resorts. Yet, Greece also offers a wide range of inexpensive accommodation options. Hostels in Greece range in price from ($2 to $60) a night, depending on where and when you go. Hostels are the least-priced lodging option in Greece.

Greece hotel rates range from $80 for a three-star hotel to $140 for a four-star hotel, with $325 being the national average for a luxury hotel stay. Summertime price increases can reach 50%.

Look for smaller, family-run hotels for more affordable lodging prices. Also, they offer a friendlier, more genuine encounter.

It is well known that some islands are more expensive than others. For example, dorms on the well-known islands of Santorini and Mykonos usually start at approximately $80 per night, while in the summer, a luxury hotel on Santorini may cost you up to $800 per night or more.

As you can see, there is a wide variety of options, so doing thorough research is important if you want to discover the best accommodations cost travel in Greece at the lowest possible cost.

Our total accommodation cost for 12 nights: is $9,710 (2 adults)

The Local Transportation Cost In Greece

Greece trip cost

Public transit is the most convenient and economical way to travel around Greece’s biggest cities. Public transit costs roughly $1 to $2 for one-way tickets on buses and subways.

The cost of a taxi varies depending on how far you travel and starts at $3.70.

You have a variety of transportation options if you wish to travel around Greece and see more than one location. Buses operate between cities, and the cost of a ticket depends on the distance. The 3.5-hour drive from Athens to Sparta costs about $20 for a ticket. Greece’s train network is fairly small and the trains are frequently unreliable, although tickets are reasonably inexpensive.

Greece’s daily car rental average for Economy: is $5 per day; Compact: $6 per day; Intermediate: $9 per day; Standard: $44 per day; SUV: is $32 per day, but if you reserve in advance, you can discover considerably more affordable rates. (Just so you know, manual transmissions are the norm in autos, and you’ll need an international driving permit.) Renting a moped for about $15 is a less expensive (and more enjoyable!) way to get around.

Between the Greek islands, you can fly or take a boat. Prices for ferries in Greece range from $20 to $250 depending on the operator, season, and route. Slower ferries or overnight ferries are typically less expensive than high-speed ferries and catamarans. Also, if you take an overnight ship, you’ll save on spending a night in a motel.

You can determine whether purchasing a ferry pass (offered through Eurail) might save you money if you anticipate taking a lot of ferries.

Flying can be a reasonably priced option to travel between islands. The price of a flight from Athens to Santorini one way can range from $30 to $40.

Our total car rental/transportation cost: is $880 (Prices may vary)

The Activities Cost In Greece

There are many different activities you may take part in Greece, from free to expensive.

Free activities include lying on the beach, swimming in the azure Aegean, wandering through charming Greek towns, and independently touring sites.

The price of admission to attractions like museums and historic sites ranges from $10 to $25. Check for that option to save money as many locations offer combination tickets. Also, on some days, several museums offer free entrance.

For around $40 per person and higher, you may get guided tours of museums and historical places. They typically include the cost of your ticket.

In general, land tours cost $15 to $60 per person, while boat tours typically cost $12 to $40 per person. In-depth tours like half-day food and wine tours cost between $100 and $150 per person. The average cost of an experience like a half-day cooking lesson is $300 per person.

Our total activity cost: $800-$1000

Keep Travel Insurance in Mind

You will be covered by travel insurance in the event of illness, accidents, theft, and cancellations. In the event of a problem, it offers total security. Since we’ve used it so frequently in the past, we never travel without it. My top picks for businesses that provide the best value and service are:

  • Security Wing (for everyone below 70)
  • Protect My Travel (for those 70 and over)
  • Medjet (for enhanced repatriation coverage) (for additional repatriation coverage)

Essential Budget-friendly Tips For Travel To Greece!

Greece trip cost

Greece has a lot to offer, especially if you want to travel there and immerse yourself in the local culture. This includes historical sites, stunning architecture, and numerous incredible landscapes that will make your journey memorable. It goes without saying that to travel to a new location, one must be fully prepared for all that will occur, including the best times to go, the documentation required for entry, the local language, the local currency, and even the cost of travel, as long as it does not have an impact on your Greece budget or result in expenses that will have an impact later.

Because of this, we have divided up some crucial details and advice for those of you who want to visit Greece but are unsure of where to begin your planning. Check out some crucial advice that will undoubtedly assist you as you begin your vacation to this European nation!


  • Pick locations that you and your tastes will enjoy. A wonderful tip is to visit the Acropolis Museum or the Acropolis of Athens if you like to appreciate historical structures and architecture and learn about the history of the place you are visiting. Nevertheless, if you like to take advantage of the nearby beaches, Santorini is the best choice. Choose locations that truly fit you, in other words!
  • To be aware of the costs and select the option that best suits your budget, compare the prices of lodging, dining, transportation, and everyday expenses.
  • Avoid the hot season whenever you can. You will spend far less money by doing this.
  • The magnificent islands are a fantastic option if you wish to enjoy a beach.
  • Create an itinerary, make Greece cost of travel arrangements, get tickets early, make a list of what to carry if required, and take safety precautions. You will be completely ready for your cheap travel to Greece if you do this!

Wrap Up!

The average cost of a trip to Greece is surprisingly affordable. You can get some nice lodging for between 30 and 40 EUR per night, and Greek food, wine, hostel dorms, and public transportation are all reasonably priced. Greece offers many opportunities for cost-cutting without compromising comfort. As follows:

  • The top rule is to follow the Greek Salad/Bread Rule. Is a restaurant pricey or affordable? A helpful guideline is as follows: The restaurant is affordable if a Greek salad costs less than 7 EUR or the bread cover is less than.50 EUR. Prices are average if a salad costs between 7.50 and 8.50 EUR and the cover is around 1 EUR. Any more than that, and the hotel becomes pricey.
  • Consume food for very little money; gyros and other street foods typically only cost a few euros. They may keep you satisfied for less than 10 EUR per day and are quick and simple!
  • Hire a moped if you want to stay somewhere (such as an island) for an extended period. It is more practical than the bus and less expensive than a car. It’s the ideal way to venture off the main road and a fun way to see the many towns and cities.
  • Go off the beaten path; Greece is most affordable when you leave the tourist hotspots. Prices will reduce by at least 30% if you visit less crowded regions.
  • If you want to visit numerous Greek islands, consider using overnight ferries because the cost of the boats could quickly rise. You can save up to 50% by taking the nighttime ferries instead of the regular ones (plus it will save you a night of accommodation).
  • Carry an ISIC Card — To avoid paying admission fees to museums and other tourist attractions, make sure to carry a current student ID. In most cases, the ISIC is acceptable whereas a foreign student ID is not.
  • Couchsurfing – Getting a free place to stay while getting to know the locals is a great way to do Couchsurfing.
  • Buy a ferry pass; there are 4- and 6-trip versions for the ferry pass offered by Eurail/Interrail. The only restriction is that only Blue Star and Greek Seaways vessels are available. They are often the more expensive, slower ferries, and depending on the island, you might need to connect somewhere. To determine whether the pass is worthwhile, do your homework on the routes beforehand. To test if it works for you, I’d look for routes on FerryHopper. For non-EU citizens, you can purchase your pass through Interrail or Eurail (EU residents).
  • Use public transit – Although they can have unreliable schedules, buses are the greatest way to travel across Greece. Taxis are incredibly pricey there, so try to avoid using them as much as you can.
  • Purchase combination tickets. In most cases, it is more affordable to get a combined ticket when visiting historical attractions in Greece. Purchase it if the websites you plan to use provide it. You’ll get monetary savings.
  • Utilize points if you can: If you’re a travel hacker and have points that can be converted to cash, utilizing them to reserve lodging will be preferable if you’re staying at less expensive properties (anything under USD 100). You can make significant financial savings each night for just a few thousand points.
  • Car rentals in Greece can be quite affordable. When reserved ahead of time, rates start at just 15 EUR per day. Drivers must be at least 21 and have received their license for a full year before driving. Also necessary is an international driving permit.