Paris is one of the most well-known cities in Europe, but it is also, regrettably, one of the priciest. Oftentimes, even those of neighboring French towns cannot compete with the pricing in Paris.

 So, how much does it cost to go to Paris? The answer depends on when you go, how long you stay, where you stay, and what you do while there. It’s not regarded as an inexpensive vacation spot. But a trip to Paris doesn’t have to be expensive. To help you create a budget for your France trip cost, we’ll give you some examples of what a trip to Paris might cost in this post.

  • A weeklong trip in Paris costs $1774.09 for one person.
  • For two people, a weeklong cost of a Paris trip will be about $3548.19.
  • In Paris, a two-week holiday for two individuals will set you back $7095.28.
  • The cost of a trip to Paris for a family of three or four often decreases, because child tickets are less expensive and hotel rooms may be shared.

Your daily Paris budget will decrease as you move more slowly and for a longer amount of time. A two-person cost of trip to Paris for a month can frequently cost less per person per day than a one-person trip to Paris for a week.


Paris trip cost

Many people have their hearts set on seeing Paris. Its Seine River position adds to its breathtaking splendor, and you could spend days exploring all of its beautifully unique neighborhoods. It is renowned as a metropolis of fashion, gastronomy, and entertainment. There is never a shortage of entertainment and things to do in the area, and for many visitors to Paris, exploring the city at night is the highlight because that is when it comes to life. It is simple to understand why this city has been given the moniker “City of Lights.”

As recognizable as it is, Paris is also enormous, with a long history and a wealth of things to see and do. To see all of Paris would require a lifetime. Fortunately, with a little preparation, you can view the highlights in a short period.

This Paris travel cost guide can assist you in organizing your trip, finding deals, and getting the most out of your time in this city. We’ll discuss the daily transportation expenses to Paris, France trip cost. Also, how to estimate your spending on meals, lodging, activities, drinking, and more.

Note: Do you have a budget in mind for your upcoming weeklong cost to travel to Paris? Here, we’ll break down every financial component of organizing a trip to Paris. We’ll offer comparisons between high and low seasons as well as the average and anticipated expenditures, as well as our advice on how to keep those costs as low as possible.

Paris’s Prime Travel Season

Paris trip cost

The most cost-effective times to visit Paris are during the off-peak months. Fall (mid-September to November) and winter/spring would be the appropriate times for this. However keep in mind that Easter is typically a busy time, so it’s better to plan for the period following the New Year and before Easter, or the period following Easter and before the start of summer (in mid-June).

You’ll discover that the city is not only less congested than normal (making it simpler to travel) but also because hotels and apartments don’t fill up as quickly, resulting in lower pricing everywhere.

Traveling to Paris

We’ll explain how much a trip to Paris is in this post, along with some tips on how to visit Paris affordably without skimping on experiences. Let’s start;


paris trip

The biggest outlay for your trip to Paris will undoubtedly be the airfare. Paris vacation costs as much as $2000 roundtrip for each passenger, depending on when you travel and where you’re leaving from. Prices are often lowest in major centers like New York, while costs are higher in smaller areas.

June and July are peak travel months for the cost to go to Paris; spring and fall are shoulder months. In general, January and February offer the lowest airfares to Paris. Traveling on a Tuesday or a Wednesday can also result in financial savings.

  • Depending on the season and day of travel, airfare from New York City to Paris might cost anywhere between $400 and $1200.
  • Depending on the season and day of travel, airline tickets to Paris from New Orleans might cost anywhere from $650 to more than $2000.
  • Depending on the season and day of travel, airline tickets to Paris from Los Angeles might cost anywhere from $500 and $1800.

You’ll need to go to your hotel once you arrive in Paris. The most affordable mode of transportation to and from the airport is the public bus or the RER train. Bus fares start at about 6 euros, while RER rail fares begin at about 11 euros. The most expensive choice for you will be a taxi. Depending on where your accommodation is, a cab will cost you between 60 and 80 euros on average.

Total Cost: Taking a flight from the US to Paris on a round-trip basis will cost you anywhere from  $1,284 per person. Plan on spending $100-$200 per person for trains or flights around Europe.


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Paris’s low-cost accommodations are typically small, run-down, and pricey. If you want something nice, you’ll have to spend some money. However, there are a few good hostels in Paris. Hostels in Paris aren’t that fantastic either, especially for how much they pay.

Hostel: Consider staying at a hostel for the lowest cost if staying on a tight budget is a priority and you don’t mind sharing space. The city of Paris now has designer hostels like Generator Paris, which provides bright, clean rooms, private toilets, a chic lounge, and close access to attractions, so don’t worry about it being seedy or dingy either.

In Paris, a good hostel will cost you between $32 and $43 per night per person, while many hostels charge more on the weekends. A bed in a shared dormitory is included in these costs, so keep that in mind. Private rooms typically start between $100 and $175.

Depending on when you book and the room you choose, you can stay for as little as $32, and its prime position near Canal St. Martin ensures that there are plenty of bars, restaurants, and vintage shops around.

Hotel: If you want to avoid the hostels but don’t need anything extravagant, Ibis Paris is a good option. This hotel company, which has a location in the Montmartre neighborhood, serves the typical modern and minimalist menu. Depending on when you stay, twin rooms cost between $55-$65. In general, the farther out from the city center you are, the less expensive everything is.

Rental Apartment: You will find a variety of options because Paris has more vacation rental apartments than any other city. For big groups or tourists who prefer a little extra space, these rentals can be a wonderful choice. (and a kitchen). On the other side, you might additionally need to cope with unpleasant check-in procedures and things like additional cleaning costs and service charges. (which makes short stays quite a bit more expensive). While we choose hotels and hostels for brief stays, longer stays may be more pleasant in rental apartments.

Airbnb: With prices frequently far lower than those of the typical hotel, Airbnb is also a good alternative. However, research reviews before making a reservation!

Total cost: Aim for a budget of $975 for a midrange hotel, $550 for a cheap hotel, or $2,500 for those who want luxury if you are visiting Paris for 5 nights.


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The cuisine in Paris is well-known throughout the world, but it is expensive. Fortunately, even budget-conscious travelers can have a satisfying meal. However, it’s crucial to conduct your research because Paris is rife with substandard eateries, making it simple to blow a lot of cash on unappetizing food.

A ‘businessman’s’ lunch that includes a soup or salad, an entrée, and a dessert can be had for a cost-effective price of between $10 to $17. Without going overboard with your money, it’s a terrific chance to sample a variety of foods and try some specialty French cuisine.

Then you can visit the neighborhood market to buy fresh produce or fruit, French cheese, and wine to make a great supper picnic as you explore the city at night. If cost is less of an issue for you, then go out to supper as well, and be sure to try some of the more exotic and unusual French specialties that are offered at some of the fancier restaurants.

Paris is home to a wide variety of eateries, serving everything from classic French fare to contemporary cuisine and pavement cafes. Additionally, Paris has numerous fantastic Vegan restaurants. Take a look at these tips for eating cheaply in Paris.

Budget-friendly Breakfast in Paris: $2-$7

  • A free basic breakfast is frequently provided by hostels; it typically consists of cereal, bread, or croissant, and maybe milk, coffee, tea, or juice. (some will offer more and some less).
  • The bakery also offers a wide selection of reasonably priced options. Around $1.64 will get you a croissant and other baked products. A normal café will charge about $2.18 for a cup of coffee.

Hint: You’ll spend less if you order your espresso at the bar. 

 Budget-friendly Lunch in Paris: $7-$17

  • Bread, cheese, and fruit from any grocery shop may be made into a cheap lunch for super-budget travelers few 4$.
  • Kebabs with fries, for example, cost roughly $6 when ordered to go.
  • Street vendors will charge between $4 and $6 for a ham and cheese pancake, and between $6 and $10 for a heartier pancake.
  • Around $6–$8 will buy you a small dessert, drink, and a ham and cheese baguette sandwich.
  • About $10 to $16 will get you a straightforward but satisfying lunch at a neighborhood (i.e., non-touristy) restaurant.

Budget-friendly dinner in Paris: $10–$20

  • Finding a satisfying supper for between $15 and $18 is not too difficult. For the greatest deal, look for a prix fixe (prix fixe) menu or the dish of the day. Once more, if you want to get the best deals, you’ll need to avoid the city’s tourist areas.
  • It will cost between $7 and $9 for a McDonald’s combo meal (burger, fries, and beverage).

Drinks and beverages prices in Paris

  • A pint of beer can cost anything from $4 to $7.
  • Beer can be purchased for about $6 and $8 per six-pack at the store.
  • Starting around $3, a respectable glass of wine.
  • A good bottle of wine from the store will cost roughly $5.

Note: There are many options for French cuisine in Paris, which is among the greatest in the world. Spend money on a wonderful lunch at a restaurant and organize a picnic for the evening if your budget is especially limited. 


paris trip cost

Public transportation – One of the most complete and effective systems in the world is the one in Paris. A metro (subway) stop can be found every other block. The cost of a single-use metro/bus ticket is $2.07 ($2,18 if you buy it on the bus).

The price of a “carnet” of ten single-use tickets is $18.45. A Paris Visit pass is available for between $14.41-$45.85 and covers all forms of public transit, including buses, the metro, trams, and suburban trains known as the RER. You can also get discounts at a few significant Parisian attractions. Tickets can be purchased at any metro station.

There are five lines of the RER, an above-ground train that runs between Paris and Ile-de-France. Although you must use your ticket in the automatic barriers as you exit the station, it operates identically like the metro and utilizes the same tickets. (unlike the metro). You can use the same ticket if you need to take the metro for a connection.

Metro – The metro system in Paris has 64 bus lines. It costs $2.07 if you already have a single-use metro or bus ticket. If not, you will need to pay $2.18 for a bus ticket. Your ParisVisitor pass is valid on buses as well.

Paris has four tram lines that travel around the outside of the city. They utilize the same ticketing process as the RER, bus, and metro.

It costs $13.10 to go from the airport to Paris-Charles de Gaulle (CDG) on the RoissyBus. Depending on the bus you take and where you are heading in Paris, the bus to Paris-Orly (ORY) costs between $10.37-$13.21.

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Public bike sharing – The public bike-sharing service in Paris is called Velib. A one-day pass costs $5.46, a three-day pass costs $21.84, and a single cost for a trip to Paris is $3.28. A one-day permit costs $10.92 if you want to rent an electric bike.

E-scooters – Electric scooters have quickly taken off as a preferred mode of transportation in Paris. There are a few different providers, including Lime and Tier, but most have roughly comparable prices: one euro to unlock the scooter and between one and two euros per minute after that.

Taxi – City cab fares are high. (rides cost a minimum of $7.75 regardless of where you are going). There isn’t much of a need to take them because the metro runs until late at night. The best course of action is to stay away from them.

Uber – Uber is an option in Paris, but once again, the city’s excellent public transportation system makes it entirely unneeded.

Rental car – Even locals detest driving in Paris because it is such a pain to do so. Do not rent a car here. Since the bus and train can readily and affordably transport you outside of the city, you won’t need one.

Note: Ask for such discounted prices instead if you are under 26 and can communicate in sufficient French.)


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Paris has no shortage of attractions, but you shouldn’t plan your trip too much in advance. It’s worth experiencing the vibe of the city. You will miss what Paris is actually about if you find yourself racing from one site to the next. Walking between locations is a good idea, and you can stop at any shops or stores that catch your eye.

In Paris, there is a wide range of prices for various activities. Here are a few instances.

  • Starting at roughly $17 per person, a 1-hour Seine cruise is available. The Musee L’Orangerie entry costs roughly $10. About $18 will get you into the Louvre or the Musee d’Orsay. A guided tour of the Louvre’s most famous works of art costs between $60 and $100 per person.
  • Depending on how high you want to go and whether you take the lift or stairs, the Eiffel Tower ticket price can range from $12-$30.
  • Starting at about $30 per person, tours to the Paris Catacombs are available. Starting at $96 per person, a cabaret show at the Moulin Rouge in Paris includes champagne.
  •  Starting at about $100 per person, a 3-hour cheese, wine, and pastry tour of Montmartre is offered. The price per person for a 2-hour French wine tasting with a sommelier starts at about $75. A Paris Pass costs as little as $64 per person for two days and allows you to avoid the wait at many Parisian attractions.

Art Museum: There is a tonne of art museums, so it’s easy to just spend your time looking at paintings, but there is more to see. Also known as a city of gardens, Paris offers the opportunity to explore its neighborhoods in-depth on foot.

Events: Spend some time learning about the city and its happenings. The French Tennis Open, La Fete Nationale, Chinese New Year, the Six Nations Rugby Tournament, Rock en Seine, Bastille Day, Gay Pride, and Fashion Week are just a few of the most well-known events that take place in Paris. 

Disney: Driving to Disneyland Paris is a different fun family adventure. Kids can enjoy a variety of rides, shows, and other activities in this French take on an American dreamland. From Paris, it takes only a few hours.

Explore free things. Paris is a sensory joy even just walking around. Montmartre offers a spectacular view of the city as well as the opportunity to stroll through the areas where legendary artists like Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, and many more once had studios. Paris is a stunning city at night, so make sure to get out after dark.

Enjoy a stroll along the Seine and gaze at illuminated renowned structures like the Eiffel Tower.

Budget-friendly Travel

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There are several things you can do to help yourself if you’re attempting to cut back on unneeded spending and your budget is tight. Finding tactics to cut costs is crucial because visiting Paris is pricey. Fortunately, there are MANY ways to save money while still enjoying the city’s beauty, charm, and gastronomy. Here are some effective strategies to save money in Paris if you wish to reduce your expenses:

Stay: We’ll start with the essentials and state that finding lodging is one of the first things you should do. Paris is a popular travel destination, so making your reservations as soon as possible can help you receive the best deals. Stay with a local – I strongly advise using Couchsurfing (or comparable applications) to find a host who will provide you with a kitchen, a place to stay, and a local guide. This place has a vibrant and welcoming community!

Additionally, keeping an eye out for exclusive offers is a good idea. You just need to be knowledgeable. There are many different ways to save money on entry fees and tickets. Be on the lookout if you fall into one or more of the following categories: young travelers, pensioners, those with impairments, students, or large families. Examples include

  • On Paris’s public transportation, kids under three travel for free.
  • Discounts on Paris’s public transportation are available for kids ages 4 to 9.
  • National museums and permanent collections in Paris are free to enter for anyone under 18 (from any country) or under 26 with residency in the EU.

Passes: Purchasing all-inclusive passes like the Paris Museum Pass or the Paris Passlib’ can help you save a tonne of money even if you are unable to take advantage of any entry discounts. The most significant monuments in Paris are all accessible for free for several days using. Rather than purchasing separate tickets for each venue, we strongly advise you to do this.

Paris Museum Pass: The Paris Museum Pass is the best option if you want to see a lot of attractions because it is an unrestricted pass valid for 2, 4, or 6 days. On the other hand, the Paris Passlib lets you choose whatever activities you wish to include with your pass, making it ideal if you have a small number of places in mind. Free entry to all national museums is available on the first Sunday of every month. Be prepared for potentially enormous crowds and lengthy lineups if you happen to visit on this day.

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Enjoy a picnic: With so many lovely parks and outdoor gardens, it would be difficult to overlook this opportunity. When you purchase on your own, eating out in Paris is affordable. Purchase some meat, cheese, and bread from the neighborhood shops and enjoy a picnic outside. It is entertaining and less expensive than eating out.

Water is free: When ordering water in a restaurant, make sure to get tap water. Although they will attempt to sell you bottled water and charge you for it, tap water is free and suitable for consumption.

Bring a water bottle: The tap water is safe to drink here, you should do so to save money and lessen your plastic usage. I usually use LifeStraw bottles since they have built-in filters that guarantee your water is always pure and safe. In the city, there are water filling stations.

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Is Paris An Inexpensive City?

One of the priciest cities to visit in Europe is Paris. While there are inexpensive and free activities, you won’t want to completely skip Paris’s exquisite cuisine and art galleries when you visit.

Which Side Of Paris Is Preferable?

Pretty amazing, the right bank is where the elite of Paris resides. People from the left bank, who historically were less rich, would have managed the majority of the pubs, restaurants, and businesses there.

In Paris, What Should One Wear To A Restaurant?

Restaurants. The dress code for the majority of pubs and restaurants is smart-casual. For this reason, tights and a jumper or light jacket are typically worn with cocktail dresses. It’s just not customary in this kind of atmosphere; it’s not that Parisians are against revealing skin.

Final Words

Are you prepared to begin making travel plans now that you have a greater understanding of how much a trip to Paris costs for travelers? 

This guide’s main lesson is that money isn’t everything getting a sense of typical spending, you can surely adapt a trip to fit your Paris on a budget. Total expenses are about $3500 plus airfare for a 5-day trip if you want to enjoy attractive lodging, popular attractions, and affordable dining.


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